Making extra money can sometimes seem overwhelming. There are many ways to do it in your spare time and with only a few minutes of commitment at a time. Here I will share some of my favourite research and survey sites with you and you can dip in and out whenever suits your schedule.

The first, and in my opinion most profitable is a research site called Prolific Academic. None of the surveys I have done on there have taken me more than about 10-15 minutes and they tell you at the beginning how long you should expect to take. You are only shown surveys on your dashboard that you are eligible for so you won’t get screened out. It’s worth checking this on a regular basis as studies fill up fast. There is a minimum payout value of £20, but it soon adds up. I have already withdrawn over £200 from this company! A lot of people love this site as the studies are usually about something meaningful rather than just market research, as well as getting paid of course. You can earn more money by referring friends and even more if referring someone who runs a study through them.

One of my favourite survey sites is Pure Profile. I’ve not used this as much recently, but I have had several withdrawals over the years from them. You can sign up to get emails when there are surveys that you are eligible for, but it’s worth checking in to the dashboard and there are regular things coming up. These include surveys, questions and activities. You can also earn money just by updating your profile and clicking through instructions. Some of these tasks may only earn you 5-10p a time, but it does soon add up.

Another great way of making extra money is via mystery shopping. Sign up for one of the many websites or apps that offer these, including RedWigWam and ESA Market Research.

Sign up to any of these and see the pennies and pounds soon add up!

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