With the ever increasing amount of information available online for free at the click of a mouse or the swipe of a mobile device, it is easy to sometimes get carried away and sometimes feel that we can solve our own problems and issues without consulting an expert. I very much operate in the school of thought that if you have an electrical issue you wouldn’t hesitate to contact an electrician, or if you have a leak you would definitely get a plumber straight in. There are some things in life that you can scrimp on or make decisions based on free and easy to retrieve information, but if something is complicated and possibly very expensive – why wouldn’t you pay for a pro to help you out?


Here in the UK, you cannot complete a purchase or sale of property without a solicitor. Much as they are one of the most unpopular professions, at the end of the day, they have gone to university for several years in order to understand the ins and outs of the laws, rules and regulations relating to property and conveyancing and so they charge a price which reflects their knowledge as well as their experience.

Right To Manage

When I needed assistance with the removal of a property management agent when going through the right to manage process, my neighbours and I consulted an expert who had been through the process several times and came highly recommended. We subsequently appointed a managing agent who we had researched and again, came highly recommended on a personal level.

Property Development

If property development and management is your thing – then you need to find someone who knows what they are doing. There are loads of great people in the business who can help you, and the longer you are in the business, the more connections you can make, ones like Richard Butler Creagh who has extensive experience in property management and development.


Whatever area of finance you need help with, whether it’s loans, credit, mortgages or investments, again, find someone who knows the sector and whom you can trust. My mortgage broker is independent, has extensive experience, and has personal high level recommendations. He is available usually at short notice with any questions or queries, and I have always had exceptional experience with him. He has helped myself and family members, and we would feel very comfortable recommending him to anyone else. My fixed rate mortgage is up later this year, and yes, my lender will contact me and suggest other products that I could switch to rather than go on to the variable rate, but they are only going to recommend their own products, and quite possibly, the product that benefits them the most. Finding an independent and recommended broker means that I know my best interest is being prioritised and I will be looked after. They can access a lot more deals and products and therefore have a better chance of finding the best product for my circumstances, after all, no-ones situation is identical and there is no one size fits all mortgage or other financial product.

Overall, I would recommend speaking to the experts when you need specific and important information.




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