It is only natural that you want to work for a salary you can feel good about. And while not everyone can expect to make millions, there is nothing wrong with negotiating a fair price for your skills.

So if you are about to go to a job interview, and the question of money comes up, here are some tips on how to swing the numbers your way.

1. Get Your Worth On Black And White

Thanks to salary guides like ours, you will quickly discover what your peers are getting paid in your specific sector. And this is information you want to take with you to the negotiation table. With an extensive list of job salaries that can be referenced, you put yourself in a better position to negotiate a better salary.

2. Sell Your Skills

You have to be confident during an interview if you are going to effectively negotiate a better salary. And show your confidence by providing those glowing references.

3. What Are You Willing To Settle For

Sometimes, switching from one job to another doesn’t necessarily mean you get more money. There are cases when other perks will help to sway the choices to switch employers. For example, more flexible hours or less stressful conditions could be reasons for the switch. It’s up to you to decide what you are willing to settle for, even when it doesn’t directly involve money.

 4. Handling The Question Of Money

When the interview reaches a point where they asked what you want to be paid, don’t just give a number. Instead, make it clear that your salary is negotiable depending on the different variables involved. For example, what are your exact responsibilities?

Always get clarity about your job description before agreeing or stating a number. Also, you can answer with a question like how much the company typically pays someone in that position. Here is a  guide to salaries from IDEX

 5. Don’t Feel Pressured

Whatever you do, don’t feel pressured into making a decision right away. If the potential employer is not willing to give you a day or two to really think about the switch, then maybe it’s a sign to keep looking. And if you do get the opportunity to sleep on it, do it. Don’t rush into anything just because you are desperate or seeing big numbers.

But if you do your research, and build your resume along with your confidence, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to negotiate a very good salary. Or maybe you are looking for other perks? The choice is yours if you are confident enough to take it.

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