The Open University is an amazing institution with some amazing educational offerings. What a lot of people don’t realise though is that as well as the fully priced degress, they have a variety of free short courses that you can do to top up your skills. Some of these are workplace skills, but some, like the “Managing my money for young adults” course is a great life skills course.

The course is free, and you can get a statement of participation and an OU digital badge on completion.

The topics covered are:

*** budgeting effectively

*** understand how to choose and manage bank and savings accounts

*** understand how to finance further and higher education studies

*** borrow sensibly and manage debts effectively

*** plan ahead to make life’s goals financially achievable.

It also covers things like tax, buying property and pensions!

These are all skills which are not taught in schools enough, and to be honest, a lot of adults may have forgotten these skills – if they ever had them in the first place. I therefore cannot recommend this course to adults (of any age) enough. I would suggest everyone have a look at it.

The OU suggest it will take 24 hours of self study to complete the course – but of course, this will depend on you. It is an introductory course and so it is accessible for anyone – you don’t need to have loads of qualifications or study experience in order to participate.

Let me know if you enrol and how you get on!

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