How do you find good investment opportunities in 2019? It’s not always the easiest question to answer – and if there was one clear cut answer, wouldn’t everyone be doing it and therefore no-one end up any richer than others?

Be Smart

If something sounds too good to be true then the chances are that it will be. Many unscrupulous people have played on other people’s fears and concerns about their own financial situations in order to get money out of them in the form of a scam or a con. Be smart and evaluate any opportunity that comes your way.

Do Your Own Research

A bit like with the first point – some people present information in the form of hardened facts and figures in order to draw you in and get money out of you. It is therefore essential that you do your own research before committing to anything. Do the promises and the figures match up to what you can find out? Can you contact any independent people or sources to verify things – if not, proceed with extreme caution.

BOLO – Be On the LOokout

Successful investors and business people such as Alibek Issaev are always on the lookout for new opportunities. It very much is a situation where if you snooze you lose. Whether you are networking and deliberately connecting with new people who may have opportunities that you might be interested in, or just keeping your ear to the ground on a day to day basis, being open to new things coming your way is the best way of finding out about any great investment opportunities that might be on the horizon or possibly opening up to you.

Stick to What You Know

If you have made your money and success in a specific field (such as property or sports teams) then you will tend to continue to be successful in similar areas. This is because you know the business area better. Things that are not right will jump out at you sooner as they won’t be sitting right with you. You will also tend to have a lot more connections in that field which can help you grow your investment – connections really do work. It’s not what you know it’s who you know after all! This isn’t me saying that you should never try something new – after all, if we all lived like that, a lot of great companies or ideas would never have launched as no-one would ever be doing anything new, it just means that the odds are in your favour if you stick to things that you know about.

Going back to that property example – if you already have had some success in that area then you are more likely to spot a good opportunity, you will probably be able to capitalise on your connections too – whether they are contractors, realtors, lawyers, surveyors or anyone else who would need to be involved in the process. Anyone can Google a profession online and find one in their area, but having a known and trusted connection can mean the difference between success and failure!

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