If you aren’t using cashback you are throwing away money. The concept is simple – at no extra cost to yourself, make your regular purchases after clicking through a cashback site and you will receive a percentage back. The cashback provider will tell you up front what percentage you will get and how long it is likely to take to be tracked, but once that is done you can withdraw it straight to your bank account.

My favourite cashback site is TopCashback and you can join for free right away. Once you are a member, you can use your referral link to make extra money by getting your friends and family to sign up. It really is a no brainer. They also run regular competitions throughout the year where you can play every day and earn rewards or prize draw entries.

Sometimes, they even offer “Free Cashback”. It’s not much, but sometimes you can make a small bonus earning just by clicking through to another website and completing a task. I have got a few insurance quotes and got a small payment just for doing this. It really will all add up quickly and it’s definitely worth sigining up.

Another good cashback provider is Quidco. They also run competitions and offer similar offers. Sometimes if you are making a large purchase it is best to check the possible cashback you can receive via each one in order to make sure you go with the option which will get you the most money back.

As for personal preference – they both earn you money back so it really is up to you as to which you choose to use, and there are other sites and providers. Some credit cards or banks offer similar deals so it is definitely worth shopping around.

Just remember though – it’s only free money if it is purchases you were going to be making anyway

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